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Our ability to innovate and adapt makes us a valuable partner.

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding, a precise and versatile welding method, has become integral to various manufacturing processes. Rooted in La Marque, Texas, since 1957, we excel in this area, providing high-quality TIG welding services that have made a remarkable difference in industries worldwide.

TIG Welding in La Marque, Texas

At the core of TIG welding is high precision and control, allowing for superior-quality welds with a clean finish. It’s a process that demands a high degree of skill and expertise, qualities we have cultivated in our team of certified tradesmen and craftsmen. Backed by prestigious certifications such as ASME, China Code Stamps, and KGS, our team is well-equipped to deliver top-notch TIG welding services.

Our expertise in TIG welding shines particularly in custom metal fabrication. Whether working with aluminum, steel, or other materials, our team applies TIG welding techniques to create intricate, durable, customized products tailored to your specifications. At A & A Machine & Fabrication LLC, we also stand out for our specialization in reverse engineering. By studying your existing equipment, our team can recreate or enhance it with innovative technology, improving its efficiency and extending its service life.

This ability to innovate and adapt makes us a valuable partner for businesses needing maintenance or upgrades for older equipment no longer supported by the original licenses. Our commitment to exceptional service and 24/7 availability set us apart in the industry. We also understand the critical importance of timing in your operations. That’s why we have optimized our supply chain to cut down on traditional lead times for high-pressure tubing (HPT) raw materials, ensuring you receive your products as quickly as possible. Reach out to us today and take the first step toward transforming your operations.