A Closer Look at the Custom Metal Fabrication Process

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Custom metal fabrication involves creating unique metal components and products according to specific design requirements. The process usually involves several steps to complete, each contributing to forming the raw metal into a usable final product.

A Closer Look at the Custom Metal Fabrication Process

While every custom metal fabrication project is different, most follow a similar process, which includes these steps:

  • Design and planning—This involves defining the scope of the project, design specifications, and objectives. At this point, detailed drawings will be created for this intended product.
  • Forming and shaping—Once the plans are solidified, various methods will be used to shape the metal, like bending, rolling, stamping, and forging. We will use specialized machinery and tools during the custom metal fabrication process to achieve precise angles, curves, and contours, as specified in the design.
  • Machining and cutting—Depending on the project, we may use CNC machines to perform precise machining operations. These may include milling, turning, drilling, and threading. This allows us to achieve intricate details.
  • Finishing and surface treatment—We may enhance the appearance or durability of the metal through treatments like grinding, sanding, polishing, and beat blasting. At this point, we may also apply a powder coating, plating, or galvanizing finish to prevent corrosion and provide the desired finish.

We will work closely with you to create the desired results for your custom metal fabrication project. Contact us today to learn more and receive a quote for your project.