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We can fix many types of fixed equipment.

Sometimes known as static equipment, fixed equipment refers to any non-moving equipment used by operations in the oil and gas and process industries. Heat exchanges, piping, pressure vessels, valves, pressure relieving devices, furnaces, boilers, and other structures are all examples of fixed equipment. While pumps, compressors, turbines, and electrical equipment usually don’t move location, these do not fall under the category of fixed equipment.

Fixed Equipment Repairs in La Marque, Texas

Fixed equipment is typically subjected to a variety of damage mechanisms and extreme operating conditions. Although damage to fixed equipment is not always immediate, issues can develop over time and gradually get worse if not taken care of.

At A & A Machine & Fabrication LLC, we perform fixed equipment repairs at locations throughout the La Marque, Texas area. We are known for our work on fixed equipment, and we can take care of nearly any repair issue you run into.

When it comes to fixed equipment repairs, we’ll make sure that one of our highly qualified, experienced technicians takes care of your repair as quickly as possible. This way, you don’t have to run your operation without the necessary equipment any longer than necessary.

The next time you need fixed equipment repairs of any size or any type, turn to our experienced, highly trained team for solutions that get results. Contact us today for additional information about the types of fixed equipment repairs we do and how we can support your operation.